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Towing & Transport Services

Superior Towing, Inc. is the leading provider of heavy-duty towing, recovery and transport services in the Greater Metropolitan Los Angeles area and beyond.  Superior Towing has the capacity to handle any situation with its late model equipment, including heavy-duty and light-duty wreckers, tractors, forklifts, flatbeds, refrigerated trailers, dry vans and lowbeds.  Whether you need to tow a tractor to and from Arizona, tow a tractor-trailer combination locally, or transport a generator or some heavy equipment across the country, Superior Towing can handle any of your needs.  When you call Superior Towing, you can be assured that you will receive prompt, experienced, clean, professional service.  We're ready 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Recovery Services

In the unfortunate event that a unit in your fleet is involved in an accident, don't wait for the local police agency to pick an unknown tow service to recover your equipment.  In many instances, you may make a request to the police agency to have your own tow company recover your equipment.  By letting the local police agency choose for you, you risk having an inexperienced tow company cause more damage to your equipment.  In addition, an inexperienced company that may have barely met the minimum requirements to be on the local police agency's rotation list may take double the time an experienced, trusted company like Superior Towing may take to recover your equipment.  To add insult to injury, the police agency likely allows the tow service provider to charge a much higher rate than Superior's customer rate, potentially leaving you liable for an exorbitant recovery bill.  Even with insurance this should concern you.  We all know that a higher claim will likely result in higher insurance rates.  Avoid all this hassle and request Superior Towing.  We'll conduct all facets of the recovery in a timely and efficient fashion, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Superior Towing is centrally headquartered in Bloomington, California and has yards in Beaumont and Moreno Valley for your convenience.  Superior Towing is regarded as one of the region's finest, damage-free tow and transport service providers.  Let Superior Towing give you the competitive advantage you need in this economy with its experience, skill and can-do attitude.  

Superior Towing, Inc.
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